Energy Efficiency For Wood Product Manufacturers

Businesses are regulated based on several parameters including the type and nature of their business. Some laws apply to all businesses while others are specific to the businesses of a particular industry. energy saving opportunities scheme (esos) applies to all companies that come under the purview of this law. It applies to even wood manufacturing businesses if they meet its criteria. They have to audit their energy use and adopt energy-saving features, solutions and strategies.

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What Do Solid Wood Manufacturing Businesses Make?

No single business operating in this sector manufactures all types of wood products. Each one is involved in a particular group of products. For example, solid wood manufacturing companies involved in making doors and furniture usually do not make pellets used for transporting goods. Solid wood manufacturers make some important products including doors, windows, door and window frames, decks, plywood, plyboard, wooden furniture, wood pellets, construction and building materials, engineered wood, wood plastic composite, and more.

Machinery Used for Manufacturing Wood Products

Wood product manufacturers use a wide range of tools and equipment. They use heavy-duty large machinery to make wood products in large numbers. These heavy machines allow them to process lots of wood in quick time. They are able to manufacture a large number of products economically because they manufacture at a large scale. Some of the common woodworking machinery used in the wood product manufacturing sector include tools used for cutting, surface smoothening, heat drying, straightening, drilling, routing, gluing, pressing, painting and other woodworks.

The Importance of Improving Energy Efficiency for Wood Product Manufacturers

All businesses must strive to keep improving their energy efficiency. You will benefit from these improvements in several ways. You not only comply with the laws like ESOS, you will also reduce your operating costs and save money. Even small savings made in energy efficiency every month can result in a big saving in a year. The costs of installing energy-saving machinery, equipment, lights and other electrical products have come down substantially. If you are still using old machinery and equipment that consume lots of energy, it is time to replace them with their new versions that consume less energy.

Reduce Your Exposure to Energy Price Increases

Energy prices keep increasing every year. Energy commodities like oil are mainly imported and their prices are decided by the countries producing those commodities. If you are able to save energy, you will bring down your exposure to high energy prices. With lower energy input cost, you will be able to offer your products at reduced prices, increasing your sales. You can forecast your budget more accurately if you do not have to worry about the price swings in energy supplies.
Make your wood product manufacturing business compliant with the regulatory requirements like ESOS. You will save money and other resources. There is no need to spend more when you can manage with less. The money you save by reducing your energy use can be used for growing your business or for other purposes. Your better energy saving record will improve your business's brand image. Every bit counts and your energy-saving efforts will help reduce the use of energy.